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Cougars & Beavers Lovesac
December 23, 2009, 5:49 pm
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Cougars lovesac

Beavers Lovesac

LoveSac Sam Boyd Stadium 2009 Las Vegas Bowl, Pac10 vs MWC, Oregon State vs BYU.

So on December 22nd we teamed up with Games 2 U, to set up the sweetest tail-gate lounge Las Vegas has EVER seen. This tailgate party featured many thing like VIP areas for fans for both teams, the Air Force was out there, a mini football field, a variety of food, and live music. With all of that going on people still knew where the party was at and that was at the Games 2 U/ LoveSac lounge. We had 5 flat screen TV’s featuring other football games going on, also video game playing on the PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii . Sactionals, Sacs, & the G2U Van 

LoveSac G2U Lounge

Other merchants like Monster Energy seen this set up and were blown away and had no idea that we did things like this. We talked to them about teaming up together and rocking SIN CITY like never before, so keep your eyes out because where ever you see the Monster Energy Truck you may see LoveSac! 

Everyone Loves FREE Lovesac Swag

As you can see Beavers, Cougars, and Military  all wanted some FREE shirts from LoveSac 

launching shirts from a cannon!

My favorite part of this entire party was getting on the music stage with a t-shirt cannon and launching FREE shirts into the huge crowd. The bands didn’t even have half the crowd we did and all we did was mentioned FREE LoveSac swag and people swarmed to the front of the stage! 

 After launching shirts from a cannon and screaming at the crowd through a mic, we decided that LoveSac Vegas needs 3 things. 

1.  Megaphone 

2. T-shirt Cannon 

3. More shirts to give away! 

Alex the big boss said 1. yes 2. maybe. 3. ok. So we will see what happens, but I am really hoping for that cannon because I do not believe there is a better way to give away free stuff! I mean who doesn’t like catching stuff being shot out of a cannon? So we will accept all donations to make this happen! 

Well folks keep your eyes open for future LoveSac lounges. That is all for now so Love the ones you are with this holiday season and be safe out there. 




P.S. We are very limited on our 

Super Package-$499 & City Package $299 



Operation Frontline!
December 4, 2009, 10:04 pm
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Our Chief

Now is the time of year that Chief Sac aka Shawn Nelson himself makes his special guest appearance in our store. Just a little history for all of you, LoveSac Las Vegas was the 2nd LoveSac store ever opened.  Shawn will be here all day Monday December 7th, so if you want to come in and meet the man behind the sac you better be HERE!!!! I would have to say this is the best part about working for LoveSac, we get to learn from the guy who started it all. How many other company’s can say that? He doesn’t put himself above working in the stores and making sales happen. He goes over merchandising, the history behind the company and products, and fixes every problem himself. How many retail business owners do that? Even after 5 years of going through Operation Frontline, I am always learning something new and finding  great ways to improve myself, my staff, and LoveSac Las Vegas.  Get here early and say SHAWNY D SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! He will hook you up with a LoveSac gift card!

Also for you Sactional Lovers LoveSac Las Vegas is offering a FREE  Body Pillow to any customer that spends over $2,000 on sactionals. 

The “I Want Your Body Pillow”, by LoveSac, is called the “I Want Your Body Pillow”, because when your friends see it, try it or feel it, even if they already own some limp mass produced body pillow, they will tell you, in fact, “I Want your Body Pillow”. The first part of this involuntary exclamation may lead you to believe prematurely that your friend is coming on to you, when actually, it is the sheer magnetism of this perfect 10 of a home accessory that stops women in their tracks and even turns the manliest of men into cuddle monkeys. A vintage, LoveSac tattoo embroidery adorns the (included) microsuede washable cover. Inside is a down filled (from really good birds) chamber (the first of its kind) surrounding a center core filled with polyester dream fiber by LoveSac. It is encased in a signature LS embossed soft cotton cover, the “I Want Your Body Pillow” lives up to its name. (A must have sleeping aid for pregnant women)

8 Bases, 9 Sides, a MovieSac, Pillowsac w/ Rocker, & Accessories.

 For any of you looking to get new furniture to impress your family for the holidays, have no worries LoveSac has you taken care of. If you spend over $4,000 on SACTIONALS  I will load all of your NEW furniture up in the back of my truck DELIVER and  ASSEMBLE it all for FREE!!! No matter if you live in Henderson or Summerlin, it is FREE!!! like I always say Get LoveSac and Get LoveBack.

Happy Holidays,

Casey and THE Vegas Sac Crew