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It is about time!

First of all let me start off by apologizing to everyone for slacking on updating our store blog. We had some internet issues and not to mention we have been preparing for our long-awaited opening at Town Square. So with all of this going on it has been a little difficult keeping you all up to date with what is going down in Sac Land.

So now on to the good stuff!!!

SuperSac packages  1. SuperSac Insert, Black Velvish Cover, Red Velvish FootSac $499 SAVE $250!!! 2. SuperSac Insert, Black Velvish Cover, Squattoman Insert, Black Croc Squat Cover $499 SAVE $300!!! 3. SuperSac Insert, Red Velvish Cover, Squattoman Insert, Red Velvish Squat Cover, 2 Red Velvish SodaSac drink holders $599 SAVE $300!!!

Black SuperSac w/ Red Velvish FootSac


We all know Sactionals NEVER go on sale………..Well now they do!!!!

We all know the Movie Lounger is amazing(4 bases, 4 sides) but if you want to get the value out of sactionals, we recommend getting 1 more side. That 1 side gives you so much more value and allows you to use sactionals the way they were meant to be used. That is why we are offering a 4 base 5 side package deal.

4 Base 4 Side Rhino Plush


4 Bases 5 Sides Taupe Rhino Plush


4 Bases 5 Sides:

Navy Twill $1,499 MSRP $1,949

Espresso Plushsuede $1,999 MSRP $2,599

White Eskimo Fur $1,999 MSRP $2,599

*These packages are going quick so get down here and get hooked up! These deals end whenever we run out product, so do NOT wait around!


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