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We give a Sheep, so should you!
December 15, 2010, 6:51 pm
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So this Holiday Seaeson Lovesac Las Vegas gives a sheep, and we think you should do the same! People always ask, “do you have any Holiday specials?” Why yes, yes we do, and YOU need to get down here and pick one or some up before they are all gone! They are limited packages, and these packages come in Supersac and the little brother Citysac.

Look Comfy? It is!

Both packages come with the Khaki sac insert, Manor suede cover, Sjorn the sheep pillow and throw blanket, Manor suede soda sac, and 100% pure sheepskin throw pillow. Just open the lid on the handsome  Gift Pack suitcase, and you’ll be instantly blown away. The combination of the dark chocolaty Manor Suede, set off by the whiteness of the 100% real sheepskin 12″ x 20″ accent pillow included in the package, makes for the perfect balance of softness and softness…and softness.

The handsome Gift Pack suitcase.

Manor Suede is a microsuede fabric embossed with a simple, understated dotted texture that gives the cover a richness and a sharpness that plain old microsuede never had. Everything about the Sac has the Limited Edition feel of this, our Winter 2010 “Sheepskin” line…from the unique treatment on the logo flap to the actual logo work and design.

The Sheepskin Pillow, made from real New Zealand Sheepskin, is a touch of class. Use it on the Sac as the most amazing headrest you’ve ever owned, or toss it on the couch nearby as an accent piece. Getting this limited-run LoveSac pillow alone is worth the cost of the Gift Pack.

Sjorn, the half-sheared sheep, yes he wants to cuddle too!

Sjorn, the half-sheared sheep included in each package is like no other plush toy on earth. Very literally, no one, anywhere, has ever ventured to make a furry animal that was intentionally missing most of its fur. Not only is Sjorn the coolest because he turns into a blanket (there is a LoveSac custom Throw Blanket folded up inside the guts of every one of these “Love Pets,” made in collaboration with Zoobies), but Sjorn can be that pill, that salve, that anesthetic for the conscious of any animal lover who might take issue with the idea of real sheepskin…you see — that is where we got the fur….from the thousands of Sjorns we’ve made and sold to unsuspecting children everywhere this season, having stolen their fur in the name of ultimate comfort. 

Now with all that said, you are most likely saying, “Yo, Joshy G. tell me how many bills i gots to pay to get my hands on one of your packages. Because I am willing to pay $1 Million for that!”  Well luckily for you, you don’t have to drop that much dough, The supersac package which normally runs $850 is being handed to you for a measly $549!!! You can also get it in the citysac for $349 (normally $530)!!!! So get off your ugly, uncomfortable, poor excuse of a couch and get your hands on a package, and replace your couch with some sactionals while your at it!  Love, peace, and chicken grease!

-Joshy G.

p.s. for all of you out of the loop, we now have two locations in Vegas. Town Square and Galleria at Sunset! See you soon!