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Casey Cochrans Boston Jogger/Manager Fest 2010


So the week of July 6th was the official kick off of Manager Fest twenty10! During this week of festivities we started working right after we got off the plane with fun power points and room planning exercises/competition thanks to Chief Sac (which my team won) that kept us up past 1 in the morning. 


 Day 2 started at 5:45 am thanks to Drill Sargent Rhodeen with a jog through Boston Commons, but it was well worth it! That park was amazing w/ the statues and surroundings of the old style buildings. It was great to get out and see the city. 

To add to the amazing FREE trip,  we were able to spend the day at The Harvard University taking a FREE class. During this class we had our CEO, Chief Sac, and everyone important involved with LoveSac teaching us about where our company is headed. Let me tell you the future is bright and it is coming quick! with 10 more stores opening this year alone and 20 more set to open next year across the nation, just goes to show people LoveSac. Recessions are for Hustlers and we are doing big things! After a long day of getting a Harvard education, we called it day after 15 hours. 

Due to lack of sleep (5 hours in 4 days) I can’t tell you what we did the next day up until 5 pm when we did our annual scavenger hunt! We went around the city letting people know we are LoveSac and we are going to make it rain!!! 

For being 4 foot nothing little D stands out!

HQ thought it would be funny to pull up to some random spot in the middle of the city and kick all of the managers scatter out of the bus like we were breaking out of jail! From there, the hunt was on! 

Sargent Rhodeen giving his troops a pep talk before he sent us out onto the field!

You can't tell by Ellie's face, but we were having a blast!



Here are some pictures I took of the scavenger hunt. 







Last, but not least and the main reason we had a chance to take this amazing trip was to help our fellow long time SacR Chris Stringham aka C-String(Boston Market Manager) open the 2nd store for his market and #29 for the company!

Opening #29!!!


I hope you all enjoyed reading about my adventure to the East Coast! I will say this, Boston is the best city on the East I have been to, minus the humidity I love it there! 

Beat that heat by chillin in a sac!
Casey aka CX3
Vegas Manager

Elevators LOVE us

 If you would like to see more pictures let me know and I will post a picture blog, with detailed captions for each picture.


Jenga with Sactionals by LoveSac

8 Bases 9 Sides

Let me just say the Mildren family may have done one of the most unusual sactional set ups without even taking them out of the boxes! The Mildren family has been looking at sactionals ever since they bought their gun-metal GamerSac and that was over a year ago! They finally made their decision on 8 bases in 9 sides in the NEW hard to get Chocolate RhinoPlush.

    Here is what the Mildren had to say.

After I asked what inspired them to do this.

As for inspiration, we obviously have high-vaulted ceilings, and it just seemed like a kick ass thing to do.  I mean, what else are you going to do with 17 perfect boxes, right?  We chose the sactional for 4 reasons: 

1.) We wanted the flexibility to change-up our seating arrangement as needed. 

2.)  We love the classic style. 

3.)  It’s comfortable 

4.)  It’s just damn cool furniture.  It’s like playing with life-sized Legos.

As I always say fans say it best! I will honestly say it is great people and customers like the Mildren’s and all of you other SACr’s who make this company what it is today. I just want to give thanks to any of you that has ever came into a LoveSac store and took a sit and experienced the greatest thing since sliced cheese!

If anyone else has an experience with LoveSac they would like to share email Help us spread the good word!

Until next time Sin City be safe and practice safe SACS!



Adopt a Puppy

LoveSac is happy to announce we are now a pet adoption center. We only have one breed, but it is the coolest breed around. He is the only breed of dog that poops out a warm soft fuzzy….blanket!!! This shaggy creature is a rare breed and can only be found at your local LoveSac stores.  So get in here and welcome Nooder to your family!


Seriously whos arms gets cold and who like wearing a backwards robe? Not anyone I know! I do know people who get cold feet and that is why the FootSac is perfect and better than covering yourself with a backwards robe! The FootSac is blanket that everyone can appreciate, especially when you are trying to warm your toes. When your feet get chilly just put them in the pocket at the bottom of the blanket.

7ftx7ft King Croc Blanket! This beast will consume any size bed! I don’t care if you have a Cali or Eastern King, this massive creation, will make even the biggest beds look small. This double-sided comforter half phur and half black velvish is for people who are feeling a little frisky! Besides the amazing size, it also features quilted stitching, thousand thread count, one of a kind snake tongue corners so your comforter drapes over your bed nicely, and 2,000 thread count old school dagger going through a heart tattoo design!
What do the King Blanket and Footsac have to do with adopting Nooder?
When you buy either of these products you will receive half off of your newly adopted buddy Nooder!
So get down here and make your family complete!
Until next week Happy Easter!
Cx3 and THE Vegas Sac Crew!
p.s. Do NOT forget to read below about our series 5 sactionals!

Fans Say It Best

I can go on and on about how great LoveSac is and how our modular furniture is the coolest thing since sliced cheese, but I think the product speaks for itself! Well considering furniture can’t speak I will let fans the Bui brothers do the talking. The Bui brothers are professional photographers and this weekend they were in Vegas for a photographers convention. Their booth was for all of us bloggers in the world and they needed some sweet furniture and of course they called us.

Now we all know sactionals are crazy and the legos of furniture. So when checking out amazing the amazing pictures, keep in mind that they are the same 2 pieces bases and sides. These pictures will feature 8 bases and 9 sides in luxury bella black (a fan favorite).

The Bui Brothers (educators | photographers | cinematographers)

“This was our second year in a row using LoveSac furniture at our
trade show booth at WPPI in the MGM Las Vegas. We put together the New
Media Lounge for attendees to stop by, charge their phones and use free
WiFi. The first year we had a 20’x30′ booth and used both the
Sactionals and a variety of LoveSacs. They were perfect! People
couldn’t stop commenting on how we were the most comfortable place at
the entire trade show. We literally had a line of people just waiting
to come and sit and use the free WiFi and rest their feet.

This year we had a smaller 20’x20′ booth and decided to go only with
Sactionals for a classy business look that was still plush and
comfortable. It was fantastic. Because of the modular nature of
Sactionals, we were able to configure exactly the seating we needed
for the different space. Again, nothing but compliments on the comfort
and look of our booth!

We really have no reason to consider anything but LoveSac for all our
furniture needs (we even have a couple in the livingroom at home). The
product is top notch and their service is amazing.”

Vu Bui


Like I said no one says it better than you! So if you have a story that you want to share with us and the world, please do! Until next time SAC nation, keep living the the dream and practicing safe Sacs!

Cx3 and the Vegas Sac Crew

LoveSac Art Gallery?!?!?!

Not only is LoveSac an Alternative Furniture  Store, but we are now also an art gallery! For all of you Sac and Sactional lover’s  who want, need, and live the LoveSac Life, this is for you! Whether you want to a huge poster of Santa being a player or hot chick laying on a Silver Mink Movie Lounger we have it! These posters look great in man caves, garages/beer pong rooms, hookah lounges, and etc. This is the way to show your true dedication to the SAC. So check out to pick out your favorite poster.

With much LOVE be safe out there Sin City Sacr’s.

Casey & The Vegas Sac Crew

Livingrooms LoveSac

So instead of going out getting crunk and popping bottles in all the clubs Vegas has to offer last Saturday night CX3 aka Casey Conner Cochran and Joshy G aka Joshua Graham decided to put Joshy’s NEW sactional together. Put together you ask? Yes we built him a new 5 bases 5 side sactional in the NEW LUXURIOUS CHOCOLATE RHINOPLUSH!

Chocolate & Taupe RhinoPlush

 Let us tell you that if you want your livingroom always looking new and stylish, sactionals are the way to go. You can always rearrange your pieces, change and wash your covers when you want! Whether you are looking for a huge Sectional, a guest beda nice love seat or just an ottoman, sactionals are ALL the above plus about 65 other positions!

In order to help you understand what we are talking about, we decided to put this instructional video together.

  P.S. Get a PillowSac, a Rocker, and a LIMITED EDITION Magnum Silver Mink cover for only $399 for that special someone this Valentine’s Day

Until next time, be safe out there and practice safe Sacs

Cx3 and Joshy G.