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Give A Sit
January 14, 2011, 10:39 pm
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What’s round, 12 inches tall and filled with white magic beads?

Yes… it’s the Squattoman folks, and it aims to please.

Ever thought of purchasing one?

Let us give you some ideas on how to get full benefits.

Everyone uses it to put their feet on, but for those

that like to mix things up, gaze on.

Reach the top shelf.

(use as a step stool)

Seat an extra guest.


Get your Zen on (LoveSac-style, of course!)

(perform meditative rituals)

Burn some calories.

(improve your physique)

Chop your heart out.

(gently practice kung fu chops)

Practice your balancing act.

(balance on your head)

Pummel your friend.

(chuck or toss at your friends)

And… when you have run out of ideas,



Make a human snow globe.

(cut open and make a terrible mess)

Need more ideas?

We have plenty, so stop in and see us.


We give a Sheep, so should you!
December 15, 2010, 6:51 pm
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So this Holiday Seaeson Lovesac Las Vegas gives a sheep, and we think you should do the same! People always ask, “do you have any Holiday specials?” Why yes, yes we do, and YOU need to get down here and pick one or some up before they are all gone! They are limited packages, and these packages come in Supersac and the little brother Citysac.

Look Comfy? It is!

Both packages come with the Khaki sac insert, Manor suede cover, Sjorn the sheep pillow and throw blanket, Manor suede soda sac, and 100% pure sheepskin throw pillow. Just open the lid on the handsome  Gift Pack suitcase, and you’ll be instantly blown away. The combination of the dark chocolaty Manor Suede, set off by the whiteness of the 100% real sheepskin 12″ x 20″ accent pillow included in the package, makes for the perfect balance of softness and softness…and softness.

The handsome Gift Pack suitcase.

Manor Suede is a microsuede fabric embossed with a simple, understated dotted texture that gives the cover a richness and a sharpness that plain old microsuede never had. Everything about the Sac has the Limited Edition feel of this, our Winter 2010 “Sheepskin” line…from the unique treatment on the logo flap to the actual logo work and design.

The Sheepskin Pillow, made from real New Zealand Sheepskin, is a touch of class. Use it on the Sac as the most amazing headrest you’ve ever owned, or toss it on the couch nearby as an accent piece. Getting this limited-run LoveSac pillow alone is worth the cost of the Gift Pack.

Sjorn, the half-sheared sheep, yes he wants to cuddle too!

Sjorn, the half-sheared sheep included in each package is like no other plush toy on earth. Very literally, no one, anywhere, has ever ventured to make a furry animal that was intentionally missing most of its fur. Not only is Sjorn the coolest because he turns into a blanket (there is a LoveSac custom Throw Blanket folded up inside the guts of every one of these “Love Pets,” made in collaboration with Zoobies), but Sjorn can be that pill, that salve, that anesthetic for the conscious of any animal lover who might take issue with the idea of real sheepskin…you see — that is where we got the fur….from the thousands of Sjorns we’ve made and sold to unsuspecting children everywhere this season, having stolen their fur in the name of ultimate comfort. 

Now with all that said, you are most likely saying, “Yo, Joshy G. tell me how many bills i gots to pay to get my hands on one of your packages. Because I am willing to pay $1 Million for that!”  Well luckily for you, you don’t have to drop that much dough, The supersac package which normally runs $850 is being handed to you for a measly $549!!! You can also get it in the citysac for $349 (normally $530)!!!! So get off your ugly, uncomfortable, poor excuse of a couch and get your hands on a package, and replace your couch with some sactionals while your at it!  Love, peace, and chicken grease!

-Joshy G.

p.s. for all of you out of the loop, we now have two locations in Vegas. Town Square and Galleria at Sunset! See you soon! 

WTF..Is a Man Cave
This week is a perfect opportunity for you to meet Courtney Cachet,
 Courtney Cachet designer/tv personality from HGTV.  We have been trying to pick her brain for inspiring ideas and have recently hit jackpot!  Her ideas have been so creative and attractive that we decided to launch our very own Courtney Cachet Line.  Needless to say, we think these new fabrics are the best ever, find out for yourself later this year.
Courtney Cachet recently posted a blog titled:  
What the F*ck Is a Man Cave?
This article is very interesting and we recommend reading it in its entirety.  We have pasted a few paragraphs below to give you a taste.  Enjoy!
In my mind, a Man Cave is more like a private room/space/area for a man where he can have all his gadgets and toys and things are all his. Often geared towards married Dads.
Here are some items I will be using in my Ultimate Man Cave Gift Guide:

For seating I am using my own design, Courtney Cachet Sactionals by Lovesac, available later this month. It’s luxe, reconfigurable, modular furniture you assemble with no tools. Also, the covers are removable and washable in case Dad spills barbecue sauce or beer on them!

Sonos Wireless Music System. I’m a huge fan of this company. They make slick, high quality wireless music systems. For Father’s Day, now available in black (very manly!). Man Cave dudes can listen to French hip hop broadcast from Marseilles or opera in China at the stroke of a touch screen. Instantly ups your cool techy cred.

Every Man Cave needs a large flat screen TV, 37-55 inches is fine. My personal favorite is Samsung, but any will do. But, we need to move beyond the TV. We need to take it up a notch with an OmniMount Power 55 remote controlled TV mount. It’s designed for most 37″ – 55″ flat panels up to 110 lbs, the Power55 is a state-of-the-art remote controlled motorized cantilever mount that allows you to tilt, pan and swivel panels from anywhere in a room with the touch of a button. I tried this out on a makeover the other day and it is awesome.

Where are the beverages? Whether the taste is Diet Coke, Veuve or Stella Artois, you’re going to need some cold drinks! The KitchenAid double drawer refrigerator, available at Lowe’s. It might set you back a couple of thousand, but it’s ultra cool, compact and energy star rated.

A poker table is a nice addition to any Man Cave. I found several on Amazon under $500 in all kinds of finishes. Free shipping!

For more information on designer and TV Personality, Courtney Cachet, you can check her out on her site or join her Facebook page!

LoveSac to the Rescue

This week on Open House to the Rescue Lovesac comes flying in to save another crazy messy basement in NY. This time the hero was am eskimo phur movie lounger. So check out the video below, then keeping checking our blog for news on the clearance sale (will be posted sunday night) and a sweet interview blog about the new Courtney Catchet line of covers coming out here at the Sac.

Love, peace, and chicken grease,

Joshy G. & Cx3

Sactionals. Short, sweet, and to the point
April 8, 2010, 7:38 pm
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So we usually have this huge update for you guys to read and give you many reasons why LoveSac is a better choice then the “competition”, but my buddy Eddie decided to make it easier on everyone this week.

Go look at his picture book of a blog and let us know what you think!      


Jenga with Sactionals by LoveSac

8 Bases 9 Sides

Let me just say the Mildren family may have done one of the most unusual sactional set ups without even taking them out of the boxes! The Mildren family has been looking at sactionals ever since they bought their gun-metal GamerSac and that was over a year ago! They finally made their decision on 8 bases in 9 sides in the NEW hard to get Chocolate RhinoPlush.

    Here is what the Mildren had to say.

After I asked what inspired them to do this.

As for inspiration, we obviously have high-vaulted ceilings, and it just seemed like a kick ass thing to do.  I mean, what else are you going to do with 17 perfect boxes, right?  We chose the sactional for 4 reasons: 

1.) We wanted the flexibility to change-up our seating arrangement as needed. 

2.)  We love the classic style. 

3.)  It’s comfortable 

4.)  It’s just damn cool furniture.  It’s like playing with life-sized Legos.

As I always say fans say it best! I will honestly say it is great people and customers like the Mildren’s and all of you other SACr’s who make this company what it is today. I just want to give thanks to any of you that has ever came into a LoveSac store and took a sit and experienced the greatest thing since sliced cheese!

If anyone else has an experience with LoveSac they would like to share email Help us spread the good word!

Until next time Sin City be safe and practice safe SACS!



Adopt a Puppy

LoveSac is happy to announce we are now a pet adoption center. We only have one breed, but it is the coolest breed around. He is the only breed of dog that poops out a warm soft fuzzy….blanket!!! This shaggy creature is a rare breed and can only be found at your local LoveSac stores.  So get in here and welcome Nooder to your family!


Seriously whos arms gets cold and who like wearing a backwards robe? Not anyone I know! I do know people who get cold feet and that is why the FootSac is perfect and better than covering yourself with a backwards robe! The FootSac is blanket that everyone can appreciate, especially when you are trying to warm your toes. When your feet get chilly just put them in the pocket at the bottom of the blanket.

7ftx7ft King Croc Blanket! This beast will consume any size bed! I don’t care if you have a Cali or Eastern King, this massive creation, will make even the biggest beds look small. This double-sided comforter half phur and half black velvish is for people who are feeling a little frisky! Besides the amazing size, it also features quilted stitching, thousand thread count, one of a kind snake tongue corners so your comforter drapes over your bed nicely, and 2,000 thread count old school dagger going through a heart tattoo design!
What do the King Blanket and Footsac have to do with adopting Nooder?
When you buy either of these products you will receive half off of your newly adopted buddy Nooder!
So get down here and make your family complete!
Until next week Happy Easter!
Cx3 and THE Vegas Sac Crew!
p.s. Do NOT forget to read below about our series 5 sactionals!