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Throw Some Class

So… we’ve shown you how to wrap your Sac.

We’ve given you the best Sactional positions for first-timers.

We have even told you how to give a sit.

Though we love to play, there are some things that we take very seriously.

For example, taking ridiculous photos with throw pillows.

Seriously though, throw pillows are a requirement for EVERY Sactional set-up.


Let us show you.

Check out this media room set-up.

9 bases/12 sides of sexy.

Now, while this looks fine and comfy, the difference below is shocking.

This media room looks complete. Hands down.

Need another example? Gaze on.

Now, while every Sactional set-up will look good,

the above photo shows you just how boring it can get.

You can’t do the same thing every time. That’s not fun at all.

By adding TWO simple throw pillows, you’ve kept things steamy.

That being said, you should stop in the store.

We have over 150 options for you to select from.

So… make it happen.


Fans Say It Best

I can go on and on about how great LoveSac is and how our modular furniture is the coolest thing since sliced cheese, but I think the product speaks for itself! Well considering furniture can’t speak I will let fans the Bui brothers do the talking. The Bui brothers are professional photographers and this weekend they were in Vegas for a photographers convention. Their booth was for all of us bloggers in the world and they needed some sweet furniture and of course they called us.

Now we all know sactionals are crazy and the legos of furniture. So when checking out amazing the amazing pictures, keep in mind that they are the same 2 pieces bases and sides. These pictures will feature 8 bases and 9 sides in luxury bella black (a fan favorite).

The Bui Brothers (educators | photographers | cinematographers)

“This was our second year in a row using LoveSac furniture at our
trade show booth at WPPI in the MGM Las Vegas. We put together the New
Media Lounge for attendees to stop by, charge their phones and use free
WiFi. The first year we had a 20’x30′ booth and used both the
Sactionals and a variety of LoveSacs. They were perfect! People
couldn’t stop commenting on how we were the most comfortable place at
the entire trade show. We literally had a line of people just waiting
to come and sit and use the free WiFi and rest their feet.

This year we had a smaller 20’x20′ booth and decided to go only with
Sactionals for a classy business look that was still plush and
comfortable. It was fantastic. Because of the modular nature of
Sactionals, we were able to configure exactly the seating we needed
for the different space. Again, nothing but compliments on the comfort
and look of our booth!

We really have no reason to consider anything but LoveSac for all our
furniture needs (we even have a couple in the livingroom at home). The
product is top notch and their service is amazing.”

Vu Bui


Like I said no one says it better than you! So if you have a story that you want to share with us and the world, please do! Until next time SAC nation, keep living the the dream and practicing safe Sacs!

Cx3 and the Vegas Sac Crew

The ONLY Media Room Furniture
February 26, 2010, 1:45 am
Filed under: Alternative, art gallery, artwork, Free

So it’s time, time to pimp out that media room, movie room, or your sexy cinema (whatever you choose to call it).  You have the massive screen, the surround sound, the mood lighting, the popcorn, but somethings missing….what could it be??                                                                                               The media room furniture, duh!!!?? Here at LoveSac we are here to make that home theatre the most comfortable, versatile room in your house, so you can actually enjoy that huge studly vampire or warewolf (which ever side your on,  go team Jacob ) and huge explosions that rattle your eardrums.

Get close to your hunny in the movie lounger and watch a romantic movie, then you and your friends can each have there own arm chair with ottoman while watching the super bowl, and then get the whole crew on a monster 10 base 12 sided sectional and watch a gut busting comedy. All this without having to buy any additional Media Room Furniture. Thats right you can have all the above pieces with a bunch of sactional bases and sides.  Did I mention they are machine washable? Thats right, every piece.  So now when your favorite little person decides to use your furniture as a napkin with their little buttery popcorn fingers, theres no need to yell, just put them to work on some laundry!   So come stop by our store  and pick up the Media Room Furniture  you’ve been wanting/needing.  We can help you get hooked up and comfortable, we can’t how ever cover you when you “get something stuck in your eye” at the end of the notebook. Until next time: Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!

-Joshy G.

LoveSac Art Gallery?!?!?!

Not only is LoveSac an Alternative Furniture  Store, but we are now also an art gallery! For all of you Sac and Sactional lover’s  who want, need, and live the LoveSac Life, this is for you! Whether you want to a huge poster of Santa being a player or hot chick laying on a Silver Mink Movie Lounger we have it! These posters look great in man caves, garages/beer pong rooms, hookah lounges, and etc. This is the way to show your true dedication to the SAC. So check out to pick out your favorite poster.

With much LOVE be safe out there Sin City Sacr’s.

Casey & The Vegas Sac Crew